About us

#gocircularnow is a consumer-focused platform to advance the transition to a circular economy. It encourages a more sustainable way of living and consuming that’s realistic, affordable and simple to incorporate.
As part of this movement GCN provides consumers with the information and means needed to ask their favourite brands to #gocircularnow, while providing clarity on the many different ways in which circularity can be of benefit to their daily lives.
GCN also promotes makers currently operating within the structures of circular production, bringing them to the attention of consumers so they can be seen as viable alternatives to non-circular brands.
Its mix of engaging content and opinion communicates in ways that take the conversation around sustainability out of its current ‘eco-bubble’, connecting with everyday realities to make conscious consumption the new normal.



We would not be anywhere if it was not for you, lending your voice and your actions to support new and better ideas. If our work is to mean anything it would have lent a hand to those fighting for a better world. Follow our stories and become part of the community.



Michaela has spent her career as a creative brand copywriter, and as a business journalist providing insight and analysis on all aspects of the advertising and media industry. She is currently part of a creative collective that only works on conscious and sustainable projects.



Building a career in business operations, Lucas has covered all bases in creating flexible operations infrastructures, working with the multidisciplinary teams needed to deliver effective results. An advocate for the circular economy and a paradigm shift.


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