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Everything you buy becomes waste. Brands NEED it to become waste. Their profit relies upon selling more and more of the same. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. is expected to be WASTED by you.

A circular economy AVOIDS waste. It benefits you by maintaining the value of your products and NOT wasting them. Join us in demanding we go circular now!


Circular brands support customers in reselling used goods that are in good working condition. Offering them in their own shop and encouraging their sale on public platforms. A brand should stand by the value promised.

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Find your MEPs in the

EU Parliament. Contact them on their available channels.

-DEMAND a Circular Economy-


Dear MEP,

We need to act now to implement a Circular Economy and avoid generating waste. We demand support in extending the life of our goods, making it easy to resell, repair and refurbish our belongings. We demand that the materials used in products are easy to repurpose and recycle.

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You have the right to expect more. Here's how you can make it happen.